About Us

Korea Market provides dry & fresh products such as meat, fish, vegetables & kimchi for all Korean dishes.

We also sell daily-made lunchboxes, donburi's to take-away with choices: beef, chicken, vegetarian, f

k-style fried chicken and many more! 

간단한 테이크아웃 분식,싱싱한 계절 생선회와

품질좋은 냉장육,한국 야채,

방앗간에서 공수하는 떡과 베이커리 단팥빵

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Friday

11:00 - 18:30


11:00 - 19:00

Sunday & Monday 


Chers Clients, 

Nous serons fermé du 12/08 - 23/08 pour vacances annuelles.


Bonne Vacances & à bientôt! 

Dear Customers, 

We are closed for the summer holidays from


Happy Holidays and see you soon! 

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